Your international design and furnishing partner

We have official representatives in all the major European cities from Tallinn to Barcelona. We create innovative, sustainable, commercial spaces in the most cost and time efficient way by including OCCO's AI-powered custom technology platform into the work process.

Our mission & vision

OCCO interior is the result of a unique response to location, architecture and client vision. We push the limits to help our customers thrive in inspiring environments.

We transform the interior design industry with OCCO’s AI-powered custom technology platform to make well designed environments easily accessible.

Our values

We take chances and express our opinion, to achieve the best outcome. We see challenges as opportunities to change the game by building our own rules. Our motto is to constantly move forward, improve, inspire and deliver.

We focus on our clients’ success because we believe when they succeed, so do we. We also obsess over improving the customer experience and the quality of our service, especially by digitising the interior design processes. 

The love and passion we have for what we do binds us together and brings sparke in our eyes. What matters most of all is our genuine curiosity about life and the joy of bonding within our team and community. Relations are important. This enables us to work hard and, when stars align, play hard. What’s the point of going through this if we’re not having fun along the way?

Let’s shape your space together!

Hungry for opportunities

Devotion to our client

Sparkle in our eyes

Breaking down borders

Founder’s story

OCCO is an international design and furnishing company founded in 2016 by friends Ander and Paul. It all started out as a project sales company that worked closely with architects, real estate developers, business owners and facility managers to deliver tailored commercial interior furnishing solutions. 

While delivering projects founders experienced time-consuming manual work with product sourcing and project management. There had to be a better way to deliver. By creating a digital solution they unlocked the endless ways of speeding up the interior design process in an effective way for the whole industry.

That’s how OCCO’s AI-powered custom technology platform was born. During our years of activity, we have delivered professional furnishing services to more than 300 international companies that needed to create or transform their workspaces.